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This is the home of the library of US Air Force doctrine. It is organized into 30 Air Force Doctrine Publications (AFDPs) that span the range of all Air Force operations. Its purpose is to improve access to Air Force doctrine, simplify the doctrine publishing process, and provide easier access to all military doctrine.

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areas of uniform wear, drill and ceremonies, customs and courtesies, Air Force Core Values, Cadet Honor Code, and the contents of the FTM. You are responsible for getting orders, tickets, uniforms, and other required items through your detachment. Keep two copies of your orders with you at all times .

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help Airmen discover their personal core values and how those values fit with the Air Force values. This guide is intended to assist the presenter in planning for and executing a successful learning event. As the Leader, it is imperative that you are familiar with the content – PASSION is a must! Adequate preparation is key to a successful ...

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Section 25C—Air Force Core Values C Section 25D—Warrior Ethos B : 4 : Chapter 2 : AIR FORCE HERITAGE Section 2C—The Air Force and the New Millennium 2.16. Terrorist Attacks Operation Noble Eagle. Terrorism struck home on 11 September 2001 in a planned attack by


Air Force Core Values: Consider how Airman failed to adhere to the Consistently demonstrated the Embodiment of Integrity, Service Airman for others to emulate; well the Airman adopts, internalizes and Air Force Core Values Air Force Core Values, both on Before Self, and Excellence; personal conduct exudes Air Force demonstrates our Air Force ...

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U.S. Air Force Core Values, U.S. Army Core Values, U.S. Navy and Marine Corps Core Values, U.S. Coast Guard Core Values ... This White Paper is organized into five chapters. Chapter One outlines the stated needs for ... States Air Force recently released its Artificial Intelligence Annex to the 2018 AI Strategy,

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The Air Force's competitive advantage begins with its ability to recruit, develop, and retain innovative warriors with strong character, a belief in respect for others, and a commitment to high standards and our core values of Integrity First, Service Before Self, and Excellence In All We Do. Even though the Air Force has become significantly

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Air Force Core Values, both on . and off duty (majority of Airmen) Airman failed to adhere to the . Air Force Core Values (few Airmen) Relentlessly pursued personal and. professional development of . themselves and others; efforts . resulted in significant positive impact.


Air Force core values are a commitment each Airman makes when joining the Air Force. They provide a foundation for leadership, decision-making, and success, no matter their rank, the difficulty of the assigned task, or the dangers presented by the mission.

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Initial Air Force values were based on the belief that independent operations conducted by strategic bombers were the key to winning World War II, leading to a perspective that was very different from that of the Army or Navy.10 The emphasis on independence and technology continue to have a significant impact on the Air Force. The Role of ...

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1) Integrity First According to the U.S. Air Force website, the first core value of the Air Force is around putting integrity first in all that they do: An Airman …

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The Air Force promotes sensitive care and confidential reporting for victims of sexual assault and accountability for those who commit these crimes. Sexual assault is criminal conduct. It falls well short of the standards America expects of its men and women in uniform. Specifically, it violates Air Force Core Values.


MACDILL AIR FORCE BASE, FLORIDA 33621-5323 ... Additionally, core values and SOF truths are analyzed in respect to the role of an organizational leader. Students will utilize critical and creative thinking in the analysis of key concepts. ... and a course capstone paper—a format echoed in all six JSOFSEA courses. JSOU-EA instructors ...

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My personal core values statement I am a man focused on my faith, my family, and service to my country. I strive to lead from the front with integrity, loyalty, and service. Conclusion The values I have chosen align with the military career path I have chosen to follow. Although these values are a small glimpse of the many values needed to ...

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RAF Core Values 1151 Words | 5 Pages. How important are RAF core values in the context of contemporary British society? "Core values are those values by which we lead our lives and which we aspire to develop in others. The Royal Air Force core values are: Respect, Integrity, Service and Excellence, nurtured by effective and consistent leadership.

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Core Values Of My Life. Friedman reading lists many core values, but the ones that are most important to me and have influenced me the most include: Physical Fitness, Creativity, Enjoyment, and Family. Physical fitness means, staying in shape through physical activity and healthy nutrition.

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developing skills, attitudes, and behaviors that are consistent with maintaining the Air Force's. readiness. 4.2.1. First line supervisors, first sergeants, and commanders routinely counsel individuals. either verbally or in writing, giving advice and reassuring subordinates about specific. situations. 4.2.2.

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The Air Force core values are the bedrock of leadership. Integrity First is the basis of trust, and trust is the vital bond that unifies leaders with their followers and commanders with their units. Trust makes leaders effective, and integrity underpins trust. Service Before Self is the essence of our commitment to the nation.

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promoting the Air Force values of integrity, fairness, discipline, and teamwork-- all found to be tragically lacking in this example. Format Because it is envisioned that this case study may be used in academic settings, the format includes certain features that will lend themselves to effective instruction. Key concepts

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United States Air Force Core Values. From day one of BMT, each trainee is taught to learn, understand and live by the three core value's, Integrity First, Service Before Self and Excellence in all that we do.As a loved one of a USAF member, it is good to learn these yourself so you will understand why there are some changes in your Airman.

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Core values are the heart and soul of U.S. military Services and their cultures. Military organizational, strategic, operational, and tactical strength lies in the degree to which the Services' systems, processes, and behaviors of personnel align with their stated core values, the collective practice of which creates organizational culture.

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Force Core Values and the Air Force Mission. Air Force diversity includes but is not limited to: personal life experiences, geographic back-ground, socioeconomic background, cultural knowledge, educational background, work back - ground, language abilities, physical abilities, philosophical/spiritual perspectives, age, race, ethnicity, and ...


Air Force, to promote and safeguard the morale, the physical well-being, and the general welfare of the persons under their command or charge. - Title 10 USC § 8583 2.3. Accordingly, commanders must be above reproach, both morally and ethically, and exemplify Air Force Core Values and standards in their professional and personal lives. 3.

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Mission: Since 1895, the Army & Air Force Exchange Service has gone where Warfighters and their families go to provide quality, tax-free merchandise and goods and services military communities need - regardless of location, risk or challenge.; Core Values: Family Serving Family, Respect Everyone, Courage to Use Good Judgment; of Exchange earnings …

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ALS Study Guide – Large Overview AFC101 – Core Values Performance Objectives: 1. Explain how Air Force Core Values support ethical decision making a. Following the core values will lead to strong and ethical decision making 2. Define the relationship between Ethics and Air Force Core Values a. The AF core Values are ethical in itself and won't lead you to make the …

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The Oath of Office is also a reflection of our Air Force Core Values, our Airman's Creed, and our Profession of Arms. Administering the Oath of Office The Oath of Office is usually performed in front of an American flag, and can also be done in the presence of the state flag, service flag, or the unit flag, pennant, or guidon.

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This paper was submitted for proposal to the Commander of the Air Education and Training Command (AETC) in response to the request to examine a current Air Force concern and ... individual's commitment to the Air Force Core Values occur when positive individual and organizational drivers are not emphasized in the presence of moral gravity.

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Force Core Values, Cadet Honor Code, and the contents of the FTM. You are responsible for getting orders, tickets, uniforms, and other …

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Many of these principles are related to the Air Force Core Values. As you comprehend and apply these principles, you and your subordinates will begin to experience success in all your efforts. Take Care of Your People. People are our most valuable resource and should be cared for to the best of a leader's ability.

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The Air Force core values and respect are the foundation of our Wingman culture--a culture in which we look out for each other and take care of each other. Incidents of sexual assault corrode the very fabric of our Wingman culture; therefore, we must strive for an environment where this behavior is not tolerated and where all Airmen are respected.

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Book," the United States Air Force Core Values booklet. The booklet says, "Service before self tells us that professional duties take precedence over personal desires." The booklet goes on to say we must place the needs of others above our own …

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