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Pelican Rope The Bulldog 8mm & 10mm - Friction Hitch Technora, 5400 MBS, Prusik Arborist Rope, Tree Gear, Accessory Cord 4.5 out of 5 stars 31 $31.99 $ 31 . 99

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Technora® Tethers These are epic as they are rope designed to be fire resistant; perfect for fire poi! I even had some of my students who were ready to invest in a professional set of poi get Technora tethers, with Technora handles (ball grips and ball swivels) and just interchange the poi heads for the desired practice (contact, LED and fire),

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Technora tethers for fire poi - replacement part LMFprops (109) $37.08 Only 1 available and it's in 5 people's carts Technora (5/16" - 3/8" - 1/2") or Chain Tethers for Fire Poi - UltraKnob Available*** FlowOnFire (1,886) $30.23 Standard Monkey Fist fire poi sets CrispyClowns (110) $113.00 FREE shipping

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The Technora sheath provides exceptional heat resistance and durability, while the nylon core gives the rope its great gear compatability, smooth handling, and favorable elongation characteristics. The Tech11 Technora is the larger (11mm) version of the Tactical Response Rope (9.5mm). Available Lengths: 200′ (61m) or 660′ (200m)

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Technora is a fire resistant (not fire proof) rope used to make fire poi feel like practice poi. Care must be taken to not soak the tether in fuel, but they give an entirely new feel to fire poi, one that allows for a much more comfortable burn! These tethers are spliced onto the head, giving a very secure but slim connection.

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Firelovers Fire Poi | Fire Rope Dart - With Technora Rope . Prices are restricted to registered users. Gora Jumping Rope . Prices are restricted to registered users. Gora Fire Wing . Prices are restricted to registered users. Firelovers | 80mm Cathedral - Fire Poi - Spinning .

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Warning: The Technora Rope is not designed to be lit on fire. [includes] 1 x Fire Rope Dart. ... These light units are also interchangeable with the poi, contact staff, single staff, double staff and devilsticks. The batteries that come with the C5 unit are also rechargeable and as an affordable optional extra we provide a recharging unit that ...

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Aramid Rope Strength, Kevlar and Technora What is Aramid (Kevlar, Nomex, Twaron, Technora) Kevlar is a manufactured aromatic polyamide fiber. For more details on characteristics of Kevlar see my aramid characteristics page.. The manufacturing process allows for variations in the chemical make up.

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Firelovers Fire Poi | Fire Rope Dart - With Technora Rope. SWIVEL SIZE 8 with SPLIT RINGS - Pack of 10 . SWIVEL SIZE 8 W/SPLIT RINGS - 1pc. STAINLESS STEEL SPLIT RINGS 14 MM - 2 diameters ( 2mm or 3mm ) - 1pc . PLAY 100MM POSEIDON FIRE POI - WITH SILICONE SWINGING KNOBS.

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Overall length = measures entire poi tip-to-tip (including the knobs and heads). We recommend measuring from center of palm to arm pit. Most spinners choose 18″ to 28″.. If we do not receive a length, they will be set to 24". ... —> Static Rope (Technora core available upon request)

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2.75inch monkey fist fire poi heads complete with 3/16 technora and POM grips.Brummel spliced directly onto the 2.0mm anchor. Tail of Technora ran throughout the entire leash making the tethers roughly 1/4inch diameter. Heads are made from …

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Poi is a performing art and also the name of the equipment used for its performance. As a skill toy, poi is an object or theatrical prop used for dexterity play or an object manipulation. As a performance art, poi involves swinging tethered weights through a variety of rhythmical and geometric patterns.

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Fire rope/snake – Similar to poi, but has a short 3–5 inch chain attaching the handles to a 12-inch or longer kevlar or Technora rope. Fire jump rope – A jump rope made of kevlar or Technora. Fire cannon – a propane flame effect device; larger ones can shoot a pillar of fire up to 200+ feet in the air, although they usually are mounted ...

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Technora® Prusik Line. SKU Diameter Tensile Strength (lb) Weight Per 100FT (lb) 1S-08T 1/4" 2,900 2.2 1S-11T 11/32" 6,000 3.8 This Technora® over nylon core rope is the original high strength no-melt prusik line. Technora is eight times stronger... Pelican Rope is an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer of high performance synthetic and ...

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When it comes to ropes and cables applications, flexibility is everything. Twaron®, Technora® and Endumax® are easily integrated into production processes and adjusted to specific requirements. What's more, we work closely with our customers to develop customized products – so you'll always have the right solution for your needs.

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Firelovers Fire Poi | Fire Rope Dart - With Technora Rope (by Firelovers ) Prices are restricted to registered users. Juggle-Light Multi-Function (All-Light Version) LED Poi (by Juggle-Light ) Prices are restricted to registered users. Play 50mm Poseidon Fire Poi - With Silicone Swinging Knobs

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Accessories. Tech Cord is an exceptionally strong cord made of a 100 % Technora ® core surrounded by a polyester sheath. This small diameter high strength rope is very abrasion resistant and is perfect as a cordelette rope, for balancing anchors, slinging chocks and hexes or as an emergency rappel line.

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Fire Poi Monkey Fist Fire Poi $ 69.95 $ 59.95. Fire Poi Comet Fire Poi $ 89.95. Fire Poi Isis Fire Poi $ 64.95. Fans LED Crystal Fans $ 390.00. Fans LED Lotus Fans $ 390.00. Fans LED Flower Fans $ 430.00. LED Staffs ... Poi, Staffs, Rope Dart, Fans and all other flow art desires. ...

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2.5″ tall Fire Poi heads are expertly woven and outfitted with a durable leash and soft, leather double finger loop handles. The Technora cord leash is a smooth, braided material that is heat resistant. For a lower-cost beginner option with smaller flames, check out our Sushi Roll Fire Poi.

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Technora is the most popular leash material for poi spinners. This fiber has a temperature resistance slightly higher than Kevlar (decomposing around 932°F), a high tensile strength (2,500 at 1/8" diameter; 5,000 at 3/16" diameter, and 7,300 at 1/4" diameter), and high abrasion and fatigue resistance, making it a very durable poi leash material.

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These techniques can be applied to dance, martial arts or movement exploration. Rope dart is a long dragon rope with the poi head locked on the chain at the end. You can open the buckle and replace the monkey fist also with your own training ball. Specification: Length: 3 m. Burner: 9,5 cm Monkey Fist. Rope: Technora, Dragon Rope. Rope diameter ...

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Technora® is a unique material for automotive hoses due to its combination of high strength and superior heat resistance, including chemical resistance and dimensional stability. The overall outcome is superior end-product performance, improved reliability and extended product lifetimes with reduced maintenance. Ropes and cables

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Technora rope is becoming a popular partial chain replacement for poi spinners looking to make their fire poi feel more like their practice and contact poi. This fiber has a temperature resistance slightly higher than Kevlar (decomposing around 932°F), a high tensile strength (1200 kg at 3 mm diameter; 2200 kg at 5 mm diameter, and 3300 kg at ...

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1". 100,000. 31.0. With a tensile strength of 28 grams/denier, this high performance rope is eight times stronger than steel and three times stronger than fiberglass, performing well over above all polyester and nylon ropes of the same weight. Technora® also has a melting point of 930° F and a loss of strength at 500° F.

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Marlow T12 is manufactured from Black Technora and offers a high stength, low stretch rope which has been a staple of the film and event rigging industry for many years. Flexible and easily spliced, extra abrasion resistance comes through the ArmourCoat coating. Care must be taken when specifying T12 in systems as it requires a large D:d ration of 20:1 plus in order to …

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Tether Thickness – Technora tethers now come in either a 6mm, 10mm or 12mm thickness! Technora is a fire resistant (not fire proof) rope used to make fire poi feel like practice poi. Care must be taken to not soak the tether in fuel, but they give an entirely new feel to fire poi, one that allows for a much more comfortable burn!