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Belt holsters for inside your waistband also attach to your belt, but they're designed to keep your gun between your body and the inside of your pants. You don't need any special clothing to conceal your gun if you have this type of holster, but it might not be as comfortable as wearing your firearm outside your waistband.

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BELT - Belt holsters simply have a couple of slots built into the back side of them where a belt slides through and then retains the holster to your hip. Depending on your pants and carry location, a little trick you can use to help with ensuring the holster is attached firmly is to use a belt loop from your pants in addition to the slits on ...

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A shoulder holster is a holster mounted on a shoulder strap instead of on a belt. It makes it possible to hide a weapon even if the front of your coat is open. You can make the entire thing yourself, starting with the holster and then attaching it to a shoulder strap.

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Then replace the paddle with the UBL and attach the UBL to the inner belt inside the warbelt and let it hang down. NO need for a leg strap and the UBLs are inexpensive. If you want to go a little more high speed get the QLS quick detach system for the holster to quick detach and swap between the UBL and paddle mount.

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Low profile and using existing factory hardware to attach the holster directly to the Universal Belt Loop or Quick Locking System fork, the HAM remains within the policy of departments requiring holster mounting without the use of intermediate attachments.

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The belt is rather hard to put on right now when the holster and mag pouch are attached and doesn't fit at the expected hole, it barely buckles at the last hole (longest). The instructions said to add an extra inch if using the belt for IWB carry, but I didn't add extra length because I got the HF1.

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A Multi-Tool or Combat Knife. Depending on the circumstances, either a trusty multi-tool or combat knife are a must have on your battle belt. We like to carry this Sog Powerpint multi-tool just in case we need a screwdriver, need to cut wire, or find an opportunity to use its bottle opener.. When the potential for conflict increases, you'll always find this TOPS C.U.T …

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Take care not to place the Feed Ramp between the belt and pants. The layer order of materials should be Holster with Firearm in it > Feed Ramp > Pants > Belt > Holster Clip > Leather Draw Flap. Otherwise stated, the only thing you should see when lifting the flap is the clip over your belt. G3 FAQ - Attaching the Holster from Urban Carry ...

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Here is the back of an M1916 holster for the M1911 .45 pistol, showing the metal hook for attachment to the M1912, M1936, M1956 and LC-1 & 2 pistol belts. The slots below the hook are for using the holster with a leather belt. You have to insert one end of the hook into a grommet, then twist and fold the belt to align the second grommet.

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One problem is how to attach a regular belt holster (unless you own a VTAC or wait until all companies make one that is similar), and how to adjust the height to clear your gear. You could go to a thigh holster but wearing a thigh holster while on patrol for 12 hours walking up the most god forsaken mountains on earth sucks bad.

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There is a bit of an evolution to holsters that have a large, extended belt loop that provides not only more room to tool, but more consistent draws as well. This is the design we see in most westerns, and is used by a lot of reenactors and enthusiast groups. I simply folded the cardstock over and traced out how much belt strap back panel I wanted.

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Assorted Safariland Holsters. For battle belts, the most popular ones on the market come from Safariland and G-Code. There are a ton of other options out there, so find a quality Kydex holster that fits your belt — some might require MOLLE attachments while others can fit on an inner belt.

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Molle attaching belt loop holster/sheath. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 12 of 12 Posts. jwag · Premium Member. Joined Oct 18, 2001 · 1,697 Posts . Discussion Starter · #1 · May 6, 2008. What is the right/best way to attach a sheath that has a beltloop to molle? ...

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Sep 3, 2017 - Awesome way to attach a belt clip to your kydex sheath. It also is reversible to make the sheath right or left handed.

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Have to disagree on "better". Seen several G-Code holsters fail during courses in 2-3~ year span. Not one Safariland. Talking catesteophic failure of mounting hardware too. Literally shearing off/cracking. Resulting in the holster or holster + gun completely detaching from the belt.

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Normally, hip holsters attach to your belt by a loop or with a clip. Holstering your gun is much safer than tucking it away or zipping it into a pocket. Because holsters give you easier and more reliable access to your firearm, it pays to know how to wear a holster properly.

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If you are carrying a shotgun, a shotgun ammo pouch would be handy. Your belt should fit snug to keep from sliding around, but do not wear it so snug that it slows circulation or chafes. For added support, you can attach your belt to your vest. If you do, it must be able to be separated quickly and easily from the vest.

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For belt slide holsters, you have to remove the belt from the loops, slide the belt through the holster's loop or loops, re-thread the belt through the trouser loops and then fasten the belt. Make sure the holster is located where you want it to be before fastening the belt; a good gun belt may not allow you to once fastened.

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Attach more items to belts and holsters-----Important Read-----Updated to fix the large weapons on bag making large weapons on holster disappear. There are two mod files, only use the new save version for new saves. In any case, if you use the new save version on an old save, just reload your game with the original mod file and it will work again.

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I tried attaching a holster to my pants belt but then the pack waist belt forces it down and into my hip. Painful. I tired attaching the holster to the waist belt of the pack. Much less pain but still not that good of fit. I though about attaching the holster to one of the shoulder straps but that would involve a bt of sewing etc.

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The prototypical western gun belt is a belt with an attached holster, though there are models available that allow the wearer to add the holster they prefer instead of one being attached. There is also the Bridgeport rig, which attached a pistol to the belt via a screw mounted the pistol and a slot on the belt.

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Description. Only the Thunder Belt Attach. New lightweight aluminium plate for the belt attachment, which makes the holster adjustable in the position on the belt. The Thunder belt attach fits all 1.5" belts. Compatible for all Thunder body holsters. Additional information. Weight. 0.086 lbs. Reviews.

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Typically holsters mounted to a belt are on either a padded battle belt or good tactical belt. Padded battle belts usually include a hook and loop under-belt that goes through the loops and attach to the outer belt. Keepers are often added to line up both belts.

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For whatever reason the german web system belt used different spacing. I plan on getting me a leather holster from sarcoinc while theres still free shipping. Ultimately, the flektarn holster is a lot lighter (and there are aftermarket nylon alternatives), and if i were to go that route id probably do alittle stitching myself, save some money ...